Technique Chine Colle’

Chine Colle’ also called Paper Colle’ or Chine Appliqué, refers to the process of simultaneously printing on and mounting a thin sheet of paper onto a sturdier backing sheet.

Artists are always keenly aware of the support on which their images are printed.  However, sometimes a surface that has just the right sheen or color or is soft enough to pick up the finest detail is too delicate to be exhibited properly.  The Chine Colle’ process allows the use of more than one paper in a single image but also makes it possible to have the best printing surface and a stable backing paper.  I can introduce color and texture to an impression by utilizing handmade dyed Japanese paper. 

There are three primary shrubs used to produce Japanese paper.  Kozo, Mitsumato and Gampi.  I use sheets made from Gampi which are imported from Japan.  These hand -made papers have a very smooth surface and a satin-like sheen.  They come in an aray of natural hues.

The Intaglio Plates are inked; both the Japanese and the base paper are misted with water. Thin layer of Wheat Paste is applied to the Japanese Paper which is then trimmed to size.  Plate and paper are registered on the etching press and printed.  The final print is then allowed to dry slowly over several days.

Through international exhibitions demonstrations, and workshops, handmade Japanese Paper is being rediscovered for its versatility, beauty and power as an expressive medium appealing to the visual, tactile and emotional senses.